on the bar

“brown label” dry vermouth
Crafted from Sonoma County white wine, fortified with unaged brandy, and flavored and aromatized with 17 botanical ingredients. Dried orange peel, chamomile, and rosemary are three of the ingredients giving the vermouth a fruit and floral profile with subtle herbal notes. Perfect served over ice with a splash of seltzer and a grapefruit twist, AKA the “Sutton & Soda”.

2014 farmhouse cider
organically grown, unpasteurized, unfiltered
sonoma county
Barrel fermented with wild yeast in larger neutral oak, this blend of Sonoma Couny apples shows a bright, crisp apple nose followed by a tart, funky palate reminiscent of the Basque ciders of Spain or Lambic beers of Belgium. 200 cases bottled.


jug blend
$18/one liter – $35/half gallon – $60/gallon
$7.50 deposit per jug
Our “house red” which changes about once a month is a multi vintage blend of anywhere from two to six grape varieties, and no, we never divulge what’s in it. The jug blend is available in one liter, half gallon, and gallon REFILLABLE containers. Sort of like a growler at a brewery but for wine instead. Medium bodied, a little juicy, a little spicy, a lot to like.
Please note we can not ship the jug blend.

vin de noix digestif wine
This is the Omega to the vermouth’s Alpha, a delicious tawny colored wine that has been flavored with green walnuts, spices, roots, barks, and other botanicals. Following in the tradition of France’s Dordogne region red wine is fortified to 18% ABV and green walnuts are quartered and left to macerate for over a year. After this the other botanicals are added and left to macerate for a number of months. Over the last decade we have only bottled this twice, preferring to build stocks of older wine and develop a solera that will lend complexity and depth to future bottlings. 60 cases bottled (lot 2).