The idea at Sutton Cellars has always been to allow the most character in what we make with the least amount of additions, processing, or manipulation. In the current zeitgeist of “natural” wines this may sound like a well worn trope. The last time we filtered a wine was in the late 90s, the last purchased yeast used was for a stuck ferment in 2004. Organic, dry farmed fruit is used, always hand harvested and sorted, and fermentations usually last three weeks or more. In the last decade the use of new oak has diminished to zero. We bottle unfined and unfiltered and the bottles are gravity filled and hand corked or capped. Very little, if any, sulfur is added. From aperitif, to cider, to dry and dessert wines there is a consistency that shows these practices. Please come visit our winery in San Francisco and taste for yourself.