in the barrel

2013 GRCRG
tolini vineyard, redwood valley
carignane 80%, grenache 20%
mendocino county
Cofermented and barrel aged in neutral oak with further ageing in stainless steel and glass. Much juicier than our usual reds due to some very ripe Grenache, lots of peppercorn, loads of blackberry and strawberry fruit, and a hint of earthy spice on the finish. Release date, fall 2014 – 25 cases produced, magnums only, price TBD.

La Solera
Fifth Bottling
A blend of vintages dating from 1999 through 2013, this wine has brandy added to stop fermentation and leave a little residual sugar. The aging process is in neutral oak and the barrels are never topped to accelerate oxidation, further aging/finishing occurs in glass demijohns of nine to fifteen gallon capacity. While in these containers the wine is exposed to sunlight, further softening the tannin structure, dropping color and sediment, and drying out on the palate – the resulting wine is smooth and complex, not too sweet, and a beautiful rust to used brick color. 60 cases of 500 ml bottles to be released, release date TBD.